Services for Tenants

Our service is precisely what sets us apart from the rest…


After all, we are in the business of Service! We are more than just another property management company. We partner with you in the success of your investment. Your business relationship with our family will be different; our mission is to serve our clients and maximize the potential profits of your investment.

And when you choose a SPM & Investments Property to rent, you’ll know that you are more than just another tenant – With 24 hour on-call maintenance, you can be “at home” knowing our professional and trained staff will be there when you need them. Please take a look at our available properties and contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment. It is our pleasure serving you!


Services for Tenants

We offer long-term rental of apartments, houses, duplexes, and some commercial properties. We have a professional and friendly staff with a 24 hour on-call maintenance service. We strive to exceed the expectations of our Tenants while doing what's best and fair for all parties.

Thank you for choosing to rent a property through us. We are a property management company that leases and cares for homes for a wide variety of property owners. The following information will be useful to you during the time you reside in one of our properties.

  • Payment of Rent

    The rent is due on the first day of each month in our office. Rent is paid based on receipt in our office, not the date written on your check. For your convenience, a mail slot is available for your payment. Late fees are assessed 6 days after your rent is due per your rental agreement. Our standard late fee is $50.00. A separate check or money order must be used to pay late fees. We will not waive late fees. We only accept Checks or Money orders. No Cash!

  • Issuance of Keys

    Keys to your property will be issued the day before your lease start date. All deposits and rent due must be paid prior to the issuing of keys.

  • Moving In
    At the time you signed your rental agreement, you were asked to turn in a repair sheet. You should complete this document and return it to our office within seven days following the signing of your rental agreement. After move in, no cars are allowed to be parked on the lawn. Smoking is not allowed inside any of the properties!
  • Late Fee Policy

    If your rent is received one or more days late you will be charged the late fee as set forth in the rental agreement. Your rental agreement states that rent, late charges, and other legitimate charges will be posted to the resident account. Payments received are applied to the oldest outstanding charge first. If there is an outstanding charge on your account when your rent is due, payments will be applied toward the outstanding charges first and then toward the current rent charge. If the payment is not sufficient to cover past due charges as well as the current rent charge, your current rent will be short. If the rent is short you will incur a late charge. To avoid late charges be sure to pay all rent timely and any charges posted on your account by the time your current rent is due.

  • Returned Checks

    Your rental agreement states the amount you will be charged for each returned check. Our current fee is $35.00 for each check returned. You will be charged this fee even if the check clears upon re-submission to the bank. In addition, if the returned check is for payment of rent, you will be charged late fees.

  • Telephone & Cable Service

    Telephone & cable service typically takes a few days to get set up. Should you require additional lines or phone jacks, it is your responsibility to pay for any changes made. No satellite dishes allowed on the roof .

  • Deposits

    A deposit is to cover any potentail damage to the property, and the cost of cleaning at the end of your residencey. The deposit cannot be used for the last months rent. Your lease agreement outlines your responsibilities regarding the move-out. Notices to vacate the property are to be written and turned in on the 1st of the month. The property must be cleaned, reasonable normal wear and tear is to be expected. The lawn and shrub's must be maintained during your residences and at move out. We do require that all carpets be professionally cleaned. Please contact our office if you need a reference for a qualified company to do this work.

  • Maintenance

    For maintenance emergencies, please call our office at 864.583.4721. Renters are responsible for changing air filters every month. Damages caused by neglect of the property by the renter, will be at the renter's expense. Smoke detectors are provided by the owner, but batteries are the responsibility of the tenants! Our company recommends renter's carry a renter's insurance policy on the dwelling.

  • Pets

    Pet deposits vary between properties. No bully breed animals allowed. Tenants are responsible for damages caused by the pet, over the amount in the deposit.

Areas Served

Areas We Serve

SPM & Investments manages rental properties in the greater Spartanburg, SC area. Our offices are based in Spartanburg, and our apartments for rent are located in:

  • Spartanburg, SC
  • Roebuck, SC
  • Moore, SC
  • Inman, SC
  • Campobello, SC
  • Boiling Springs, SC


Avaliable Properties

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